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Claims Process


We are highly experienced experts in the process of insurance claims adjusting, representing only the Insured. Our services include:


  • advising what to do in the confusing “crisis management” emergency period right after a loss occurs

  • addressing emergency remediation issues

  • reviewing insurance policies, by-laws, leases (and other relevant claim-related documents) and explaining policy coverages afforded

  • meeting with the insurance company representatives

  • educating you about the claims adjusting process and associated time frames to expect

  • getting you set up on a temporary basis including short/long term housing - hotel/apartment/house, office, etc.

  • facilitating interim funding to cover extraordinary emergency expenses

  • assessing your damages in great detail and preparing your claim, reviewing it with you prior to submission to the insurance company

  • reviewing claim at loss site with the insurance company

  • negotiating successful settlements with the insurance company and expediting full funding.  



Types of Claims


In addition to real and personal property damage recoveries, our services include insurance claims for:

  • complex business interruption losses

  • additional living expenses

  • extraordinary operating expenses

  • loss of rental income

  • soft costs and other builders risk exposures

  • damage to technical equipment, machinery and retail merchandise


Claims Resources


We also draw on a wide array of outside experts, such as:

  • industrial hygienists

  • mechanical, structural and civil engineers

  • fine arts & antiques appraisers

  • private investigators

  • accountants

  • lawyers.


Types of Clients


Our homeowners & residential clients include:

  • owners of single family and multi-family homes

  • owners and managers of vacation and rental properties

  • condominium unit owners

  • apartment tenants.


Our business clients include:

  • large and small commercial and residential property owners

  • condominium associations

  • apartment buildings

  • retail stores

  • shopping malls

  • hotels

  • municipalities

  • manufacturers

  • hospitals

  • religious and educational institutions

  • professional offices.


How We Charge For Our Services


Our fee for most claims will be on a contingency basis. We charge you up to 10% of your recovery from the insurance company. The percentage amount may be adjusted, in agreement with you in advance, depending upon the size and other circumstances of your loss.


In some cases we charge on a straight time billing basis or on other modified structures, in agreement with you. These are typically cases in which our involvement may be limited or the nature of the case makes the fact or amount of recovery difficult to assess. We also regularly provide a free initial consultation.

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